Thursday, April 20, 2006

primaries in the 7th

i've blogged about some other indiana congressional districts, but haven't said too much about my own, the 7th. in part this is because the incumbent julia carson has a lock on the democratic nomination, and probably the whole election; her challenger kris kiser's campaign is a joke, despite what you might think from his billboard on keystone. and whoever gets the republican nomination will have a hell of a time trying to unseat carson: many have tried and failed.

but things seem to have been heating up in the republican primary between ron franklin and eric dickerson (no relation to the former colts running back). AI alerts us to a post by abdul at indiana barrister regarding some scandalous comments franklin made in a recent interview:

In an interview conducted last month, Franklin was asked about gay rights and social security. On the gay rights issue, Franklin says the Indianapolis city county council was wrong to pass the human rights ordinance. He says marriage should be between a man and a woman, however he concludes the interview by saying "he likes it better when they [gays] kept it in the closet."

Later in the interview after touching on other issues he comments on people on social security disability (SSI). He says he's seen too many people getting disability and tells his office manager to not rent to them. Franklin manages the Mosell Sanders public housing complex on east 38th Street in Indianapolis.

Franklin says he knew he was being set up by his opponents so he gave answers that weren't to be taken seriously.

He blames the entire matter on the Eric Dickerson campaign, which he says has tried to use a number of dirty tricks to derail his campaign. Already the two sides are hinting at legal action against each other over the interview.

if it is true that franklin tells his office manager not to rent to people on disability, that would be a flagrant violation of the fair housing act and the americans with disabilities act and probably a whole bunch of other federal and state laws.

incidentally, is it significant that the first hit when googling "ron franklin indianapolis" is not his campaign website but this 2000 entry in the indy star factfiles?

Former Indianapolis City-County Councilman Ron Franklin was found not guilty of a felony drug charge. It was the second time he was acquitted on drug charges after claiming the drugs belonged to someone else.

sure he was found not guilty (twice!) but it can't help his campaign if the first hit under his name includes the words "felony drug charge". is this some kind of googlewash by the dickerson campaign or other operatives, or just an amusing coincidence? either way, ouch. (though it could be worse; the article could also mention him pleading guilty to misdemeanor criminal recklessness in 2001.)

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