Friday, April 28, 2006

kiser vs. bilerico

yesterday, marla stevens wrote a post on bilerico called "Kiser revisited or Here's a real "Word" for the wise..."

what did it say? i don't know; it's been deleted:

Editor's Note: This post has been removed under threat of litigation by the Kiser campaign. We're a small independent blog that doesn't even sell ad space. We have no means to fight the litigation. While we're big believers in the right to free speech and the author has credible sources, until those sources will go on the record officially, this post has been removed.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

-Bil Browning

note that one of her older posts is still there, so either that one wasn't as objectionable to kiser, or kiser didn't realize/remember it was still there.

i tried finding a copy of this post in the google cache, but it's not there. i guess it was deleted early enough to be kept out of the index.

update: steph has a rundown of the whole story here, along with a copy of the deleted bilerico post, which she pulled from the RSS feed.

2nd update: bilerico editors jerame davis and bil browning discuss their meeting with the kiser campaign and decision to delete the post. advance indiana details some of the kiser campaign's financial troubles.

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Stephanie said...

The allegation was that Kiser's "husband" is more of a "beard" for poilitical purposes, and that he's a really a bit of a playboy in the gay community. I don't know what Marla's source was on that.
I do remember reading a blog post from a local gay blogger who expressed astonishment that he ran into Kiser at Greg's Place and he felt the man was hitting on him. I'm searching through my rss archives for the post now...