Saturday, April 15, 2006


my car seems to have escaped any damage from last night's storm, but as you can see here, my sister's car was riddled with small dents, especially on the hood.

the indy star summarizes some of the damage, with overturned semis, flooding, and plenty hail damage. the photo slideshow is good, too.

the story mentions the stormy excited experienced at victory field during the indianapolis indians' opening game, which was eventually suspended due to rain and threat of tornado. jason was there and shares his experience.

jim at 11am air raid also reports some auto damage, and if you still haven't had enough hail-blogging i recommend searching for "hail" on technorati for a glimpse into how last night's impacted a cross-section of midwesterners. it seems iowa city got hit particularly hard last night. (searching for "tornadoes" should also turn up some good reading.)

here are a couple more photos of hail damage to the cars that were in our back yard last night:

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