Tuesday, February 10, 2004

wow! i guess the chinese have a very different approach to right of publicity than we have in the states... a chinese businessman tried to trademark bush's name to sell diapers.

China's state Xinhua news agency said there was increasing interest in the use of a well-known person's name as a trademark.

It cited a pharmaceutical factory in south China's Guizhou Province which in 2001 succeeded in using Xie Tingfeng, the Mandarin name of Hong Kong pop star Nicholas Tse, to sell its anti-diarrhoea drug.

It added that officials have yet to rule on a request from a Beijing company called Nan Bei Tong to use the name of Mu Zimei, a 25-year-old sex columnist, on its condoms.

this just screams for a googlewash equating george w bush with dirty diapers.

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