Friday, February 13, 2004

i sent my actual record order to united yesterday, so the ball is in motion now... it's only a matter of time before true data drops. i'm afraid that the labels might look like shit, but i've been working on this thing so long that i just decided i didn't care that much (which is funny considering how many times i tweaked & redesigned those damn labels). oh well. the audio content is most important; the labels are secondary, & i decided i'd rather just ship the thing & risk ugly labels than delay my order even more by worrying about it. i didn't even order label proofs, so i probably won't know how good or bad they'll look until i have the actual records (do they send proofs with test pressings?)... it was a tough design & i knew all along that they might not come out. as long as they're legible i'll be satisfied (& if they're totally illegible, i might just get some stickers made & slap those bad boys on the jackets... but then a straight photocopy of the labels was perfectly legible & didn't look too awful, & i can't imagine that their printing process would look worse than a simple xerox).

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