Wednesday, December 05, 2012

stAllio! at GLI.TC/H 2112

it's that time again! tomorrow i'll be driving up to chicago for GLI.TC/H 2112! GLI.TC/H is pretty much the premiere glitch art event in the world and i'm excited to be taking part again this year. i'll be here and there throughout the weekend, checking out various panels, performances, and workshops. and in particular i'll be participating in the following:
  • i'll be part of a panel discussion on the subject of "glitch porn" friday afternoon, as part of the glitch cultures thread.
  • i'll be doing a short improvisational performance friday night for the "no media" performances, teamed up at random with another artist.
  • i'll be leading a workshop on my ghost frames process saturday morning for the dirty new media w3rkstation.
check out the full schedule of events here. maybe i'll see you there! or maybe you'll see me but i won't see you... some events will be streamed online for those who are unable to make it out to chicago.


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johnson said...

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