Thursday, May 19, 2011

check the kerning!

so the governator has a love child, and all gary welsh can think about is obama's birth certificate:

Barack Obama waited four years to release a long-form birth certificate to prove he was born in Hawaii, even if it proves on its face he was not a natural born citizen because it confirms his father was not a U.S. citizen, which made him a dual citizen. No, dual citizens are not natural born citizens, but we won't waste your time on that since the Omedia has declared the U.S. Constitution means something no federal court has ever said it means. To the point of this post, only a day after America learned former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a love child with a domestic worker who worked in his home more than a decade ago, the media has obtained the long-form birth certificate for the child. No, Arnold is not listed as the father.

ah well; at least he admits that obama was born in the US, even if his understanding of citizenship is wrong.

More importantly, the Omedia could care less that the document posted on the official White House website and represented as Obama's true long-form birth certificate is a total fraud and has been proven such by numerous document experts who have examined it.

got that? obama's long-form birth certificate, which "proves on its face he was not a natural born citizen", "is a total fraud and has been proven such by numerous document experts".

gary doesn't bother to post links to any of these document analyses, nor does he explain how a fraudulent document can prove anything. fortunately, melyssa turns up in the comments and links to this video, citing it as "absolute proof" that obama's long-form birth certificate is a fake.

yes, the document is a fake because "it uses kerning". KERNING PROVES IT!

for good measure, melyssa stops by my blog and posts the same link here, asking "Refute the kerning on his birth certificate, please. I'll listen."

melyssa is presumably old enough to have used a few typewriters in her day—i sure am—but seems to have forgotten what it was actually like. due to their analog nature, they were imprecise machines. they didn't produce perfect, consistently aligned text like today's word processors do. any number of factors could affect the relative spacing between characters. for example, blogger paraleaglenm—who's no fan of president obama—was able to reproduce this supposedly "impossible" kerning by varying how rapidly the letters were typed. hunt-and-peck typing produced wide spacing between letters, whereas typing in rapid succession resulted in letters that were much closer together.

this is just one possible explanation, though it sounds likely to me. at any rate, the idea that "kerning was impossible" using 1960s typewriters ignores the reality of how 1960s typewriter functioned. whether or not you can set the kerning on any given typewriter is irrelevant, because the assumption that kerning is the only possible explanation for irregular spacing in a typed document is erroneous. false assumptions beget erroneous conclusions.


M Theory said...

I learned to type on a manual typewriter in the 70's. I could type a solid 60wpm on a manual. I'm familiar with them and how evenly spaced the letters were. They did not crowd.

In fact, I was still using a typewriter in college to type papers.

(FYI - 60wpm is pretty fast on a manual)

It is highly doubtful that those forms were typed at top speed. Forms are more difficult to type than pages of text.

You failed to show evidence that kerning is possible on a 60's typewriter.

Just saying it is so, doesn't make it so.

Also, how to you explain that the document clearly shows 9 layers in adobe illustrator?

How do you explain that births after Obama have lower registration numbers?

And how do you explain the millions of dollars Obama spent trying to keep his past (including birth cert) under wraps?

stAllio! said...

I didn't say they were typed at full speed. on the contrary, I said they were typed at an inconsistent speed, and that this inconsistency caused the supposedly impossible kerning.

you asked me to explain the kerning. you asked nicely, so I humored you. but you're not really interested in the answer; no matter how much evidence i provide, it will never be enough.

at any rate, the burden of proof is on to you prove the birth certificate is fake. you have failed to do so, and your claims have been repeatedly debunked elsewhere if you bother to look.

Unknown said...

there really are no words for how much a stretch this people, get a freakin life

M Theory said...

It's not up to ME to prove anything. I've looked at Corsi's evidence and the evidence of experts far more skilled and experienced than you.

I listened to Corsi's indepth interviews on Infowars and am 100% sure that the certificate Obama's office presented a month ago is 100% faked.

The certificate is the compilation of several birth certificates and is a digital fraud. Births after Obama's have lower registration numbers, which would have been impossible.

Here is a link to the mp3 of the interview, although I doubt you will accept facts that contradict what you want to be true.

stAllio! said...

facts? where have you presented those? all i see are false assumptions, appeals to authority, poorly edited youtube videos, and breathless assertions that x, y, and z are "impossible" when they're anything but.

the "layers" nonsense has already been debunked, as has the kerning nonsense.

the registration number discrepancy is only "impossible" if you assume that all hawaiian birth certificates were issued by a single source in exact first-in first-out order based on time of birth—an absurd assumption to make considering the technology of the time. if more than one person were issuing certificates, each with their own stack of forms, then the numbering would be out of sequence. if some doctors or hospitals were faster than others submitting forms, then they'd be out of sequence. and so on.

lest we forget: you came here and asked me to "refute the kerning". you even said "i'll listen." i knew you wouldn't listen—i bet you didn't even click the link i provided showing your assumptions to be false. after all, if the state of hawaii's repeated insistence that the birth records are valid isn't good enough for you, what could i possibly say to convince you?

your arguments are illogical and based on false assumptions. they are easy to disprove and have been disproved repeatedly. you believe them not because they're true or factual, but because they reinforce your preconceived bias.

M Theory said...

That didn't debunk anything. Not the layers, not the registration number, not the millions Obama spent on lawyers to hide his past, and the fact that the Hawaii governor said the birth certificate was not there.

The cert that did finally surface was faked and presented the very same week Corsi's #1 best seller hit the stands.

Then Esquire libels the publisher of Corsi's book with a fake statement that the book was false and would be removed from shelves and money refunded. Shortly after Corsi's publisher said he was going to file a libel suit, Esquire added an addendum declaring the article to be satire.

That koolaid you drink is full of aspartame & fluoride. Have some more.

stAllio! said...

how quickly you switch from "i'll listen" to "neener neener i'm not listening to you!"

believe whatever nonsense you want to believe, but don't expect me or anyone else to take you seriously.

M Theory said...

I listened and what you showed as "evidence" is false.

A lie is not the truth.

stAllio! said...

you're the only one here peddling lies as truth.

M Theory said...

And this guy? You know more than a document imaging expert whose entire career is built on knowing how documents are created?

Why would he extend his reputation and involve the FBI in a lawsuit if he believed the document to be real?

I knew two weeks ago this lawsuit was coming. I'm glad to hear it is finally here.

An internationally-known document imaging expert has filed a 22-page complaint with the FBI charging that the long-form birth certificate of President Barack Obama released last month by the White House is a forgery. "I have irrefutably proven that the Certificate of Live Birth that President Obama presented to the world on April 27, 2011, is a fraudulently created document put together using the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs, and the creation of this forgery of a public document constitutes a class B felony in Hawaii and multiple violations under U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Sec.1028, and therefore an impeachable offense," Doug Vogt alleges in the complaint.

The aspartame and fluoride in that Kool-aid you are addicted to has rotted your brain.

M Theory said...

This is a formal complaint with FBI, sorry not a lawsuit.

stAllio! said...

i don't know: why do delusional people act on their delusions?

also, some expert: "Vogt's expert credentials aren't detailed in the WND story or on his company's website."

M Theory said...

He owns Archive Index Systems. Never heard of the company, but I'm not in the biz.

And what are YOUR credentials? You are a little blog that might get 10 visitors a day (on the rare occasion I pop over).

WND, on the other hand, is a major news website with millions of readers. Why would they blow their reputation on reporting falsehoods?

This guy's company seems to be good sized and well established. Why would he risk his professional name and reputation to lie about the president?

Why would Vogt, Corsi, and WND pursue this matter if there was nothing to pursue?

They are all risking their professional reputations, careers, and businesses.

And for that matter, why does Obama spend so much money trying to hide his past from us?

Didn't Obama promise us transparency?

You see, the more he tried to hide the truth from us, the less we believe him.

Have another glass of Kool-aid. Do you really believe everything the president tells you?

I pay attention to actions, not words...a skill I honed in my former career in order to determine who the liars are.

stAllio! said...

first off, the appeal to authority is a fallacy (not that you care whether your arguments are logically sound).

second, you're unwilling to trust the word of the state government of hawaii, but you'll accept the word of some guy simply because he owns a company you admit you've never heard of?

M Theory said...

I trust the word of the Hawaii governor who said he would find it. The governor looked and the birth certificate was not there.

Then a few months later it miraculously appears and what we are shown is obviously a fake.

For God's sake! The registration number of Obama's birth certificate is a higher number than registration numbers of births that came after his stated birth date.

You really do believe everything that liar tells you.

What a fool you are. Have some more Kool-aid. The aspartame and fluoride in it won't hurt you a bit.

stAllio! said...

so you'll believe anybody if (and only if) they tell you what they want to hear. it figures.

also, though the irony of you accusing me of "drinking the kool-aid" was amusing the first three times, it's getting kind of old. don't you have another metaphor? peace on earth, purity of essence, that kind of thing?

M Theory said...

I believe the Hawaii Governor, not some cover-up that came after the governor scoured the state for Obama's birth record and had to admit there was no record.

No matter how many times I tell you Obama's Kool-aid is full of aspartame and fluoride, you keep drinking it down.

Brain rot. That explains a lot.

stAllio! said...

so if i can't find my car keys, does that prove they don't exist?