Saturday, May 14, 2011

as close to a retraction as you're going to get

late last night, i pointed out that advance indiana's gary welsh had fallen for a ridiculous satire about president obama's birth certificate.

in my post, i wondered whether gary would post a retraction—and figured he wouldn't, since he has never retracted anything in his years of printing misinformation.

turns out i was right. sometime in the middle of the night (or early morning), gary discovered he'd been had and, in an effort to hide his humiliation, silently deleted the post in question. fortunately, i had to foresight to take screenshots:

secretly deleting posts is bad blogger ethics, but is probably as close to publicly admitting a mistake as gary is capable of.


BrianK said...

Hilarious, but unsurprising. I remember when he fell for that fake "Africa Press International" scam a few years back.

Jon E. Easter said...

Yeah, I've fallen for hoaxes before. Of course, Abdul never presents them as such. ;-).

Steph M. said...

At first it's funny when you see people make the same mistake over and over without learning from it, but eventually it just becomes painful to watch.

M Theory said...

KERNING. Refute the kerning on his birth certificate, please. I'll listen.

So far, none of the experts who work in the graphics field that I know can offer any explanation for the kerning.

It does appear that the birth certificate is faked.

Another smoking gun is the millions Obama spent trying to keep the whole birth certificate thing under wraps, as well as his school records.

I have no idea where the man was really born, however, I do know his behavior gives us far less than the promised transparency from his office.

I also have heard no explanation for how births that came AFTER Obama's birth date have a lower registration number than his purported "real" birth certificate.

stAllio! said...

melyssa: what timing you have! i was already working on a post about that, which you'll find here.