Thursday, March 26, 2009

shorter post-revolt wrap-up

shorter gary welsh: despite what you may have heard, my speech totally rocked yesterday, and anyone who tells you different is a dishonest sellout.

shorter paul k ogden: i don't understand why reporters and liberal bloggers keep mocking my event, just because it lacked focus and a lot of the people there were fringe types and crackpots. they should thanks me—nay, exalt and praise me!

shorter melyssa donaghy: they laugh at us because they're scared!

bonus shorter indiana barrister comments:

shorter gary welsh: i don't care if abdul mocks me, because his radio show sucks.

shorter abdul hakim shabazz: oh yeah? well gary has bad taste in clothes.

shorter paul k ogden: i admit there were a lot of crazies in attendance, but surely everyone can agree that gary welsh is awesome.

shorter gary welsh: actually, my taste in clothes is impeccable. also, abdul is fat.

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Wilson46201 said...

This blog often posts the most perceptive and astute observations on the local political scene. Very, very good work!