Monday, March 23, 2009

the nerve of some people is better than others

shorter abdul hakim-shabazz: how dare the city's poor complain about being treated like second-class citizens?!? the city rightfully treats them like crap because they are crap. now shut up, you stupid poor people!


Anonymous said...

Quote from Abdul: "A local story infers that people poor neighborhoods don’t get their problems responded to as quick in those in more affluent (translation: citizens who pay more in taxes)."

I'm almost rendered speechless at the fundamental misunderstanding of the purpose of government. This has to be in the top five of "most brain-dead things Abdul has said." Get thee to a high school civics class, Abdul, pronto. Don't pass go. You don't deserve $200.

The Amazing Abdul said...

If I did get $200 the government would take it and give it to people too lazy to work or who need a bailout.

John M said...

Perhaps a high school English class as well. The writer implies, the reader infers.