Friday, January 16, 2009

forgive me, sire; i don't know what came over me

shorter matt tully: in my previous column, i briefly criticized my idol, governor mitch daniels... and then i felt so bad about it that i had to write another column praising him. i'm sorry, lord daniels! forgive my impudence!

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James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Here's a fun historical fact: In November, 2005, with Daniels' approval ratings headed due South, Tully--who'd been the Racist Star's political columnist for a few months, and had been, well, aw-right to that point, no great shakes but certainly not obviously slanted--wrote a "one year anniversary" retrospective on the Daniels administration, except, as he explained, since it was the first anniversary of the election, he decided to let Mitch write it. He prefaced the thing with how Mitch's take might be a little rosy, but never fear, when the real anniversary rolled around in January he, Tully, would cut him a new one just like he deserved.

January did roll around. Tully was on vacation.

And that's the last time Daniels ever took a slap that wasn't pulled, and immediately apologized for after.