Saturday, November 22, 2008

in which god do you trust?

if you're in the market for a new indiana license plate, why not try to get one of the following vanity plates? they might try to turn you down, citing their new policy regarding references to deities, but i've included excuses you can use to try to convince them otherwise.

in god we trust:mars
excuse: "deity? no, i just love the planet mars!"
note: you can also try the greek name, ares, but they might assume you're talking about your zodiac sign.

in god we trust:loki
excuse: "i'm a really laid-back, low-key kind of person."
note: a particularly ironic god to place your trust in.

in god we trust:pan
excuse: "i work for le creuset. we make pots and pans."

in god we trust:thor
excuse: "he's the hero of my favorite comic book."

in god we trust:zeus
excuse: "it's a computer program and/or software company."

in god we trust:hera
excuse: "she's the cylon hybrid baby in battlestar galactica!"
note: for the ladies.

in god we trust:gaia
excuse: "i'm, like, super into the environment."

in god we trust:nike
excuse: honestly, you won't need one, because people will just assume it's a reference to athletic shoes.

in god we trust:baal
excuse: this is a tough one. if your bmv rep doesn't know their old testament, you might be able to tell them it's an acronym or something.

in god we trust:eros
excuse: you're on your own with this one. good luck getting this accepted.

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these are hilarious !11!



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