Monday, September 01, 2008

what did i miss?

i'm back, with new backgrounds inspired by (read: promoting) the upcoming wedding show.

schizophrenia 3 was excellent; the abelcain set alone was worth the price of admission.

rib america was not so great. the food was delicious but vastly overpriced, and it was crazy hot outside. plus, there was an hourlong break in between bands, and we realized we had nothing to do during that time. (i guess we could've bought more expensive food or gotten some free samples of chewing tobacco, but that was about it.) so we went home before blue oyster cult even played.

i heard about mccain's odd choice of vp before i left, but didn't hear about her various scandals until i got back. i did hear plenty about hurricane gustav, as we watched a lot of tv in the hotel room.

the hotel's wifi didn't reach our room, which meant no blogosphere (and no so i didn't have time to write shorters, but if i had, i could've taken my pick from any of gary welsh's past 6 or 8 posts, all of which were eminently mockworthy. (for the briefest of moments, i fantasized that his post titled "anatomy of an obama smear from one who would know" might be a confessional, wherein he apologizes for his role in promoting repulsive smears about barack obama and other democrats, but of course, it's just another post from indiana's filthiest pot criticizing the kettle for its blackness.)

all in all, a good weekend, but between the fast food we ate on the road and today's barbecue fare, i've eaten almost my whole ration of fat and calories for the week. it'll be lots of ground turkey and lowfat chicken from now on.

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Wilson46201 said...

I love background # 3 !!!