Sunday, December 30, 2007

miss ann for congress?

from the "is this for real?" file:

We hear rumblings that Melyssa Donaghy is considering running for the 7th District congressional seat as a Libertarian. Melyssa recently won the Sam Adams Alliance's "Sammie" award for her tireless efforts protest the ever-increasing property tax burden in Indiana. She also worked many long hours as part of the grassroots effort that successfully replaced the evil Bart Peterson with Greg Ballard. Perhaps it's time we sent a fighter to Congress, instead of a ?'er

what can i say? what can even be said? i don't even know what jokes to make—there are too many, and they're too easy! but my goodness... what an entertaining campaign that would be. just picture the flamewars!


Wilson46201 said...

...if you liked Bobby Hidalgo's campaign (with the ever-lovely Jocelyn Tandy) against Dan Burton, you'll love the Melyssa foray as candidate for Congress! She's definitely the Libertarians best choice...

Anonymous said...

The TV and radio debates would be hilarious. It would definitely drawn an audience. Just as car wrecks do.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not there is quite a bit of support out there for me to run. I am very concerned about the people in my district getting a voice by someone who truly cares.

I have no personal agenda, don't care about living any better than I currently do, and would never take a penny from lobbyists. I've got a lot of heart for my city, work hard, smart, and very long hours and people know that I do.

I started the tax protests in order to create a platform for people to take control of their government. In other words, to be the dominants in the relationship between citizens and government as promised by the rule of law in America.

I respect and admire David O. a lot. He is well educated and actually showed up at our tax rallies. However, he did not take OUR message (the people from his district) back to the State House. His job is to do our bidding in government and he did not do it. I have no reason to believe that David O. will echo our voice in Washington anymore than he did for us at the INdiana State House.

Jon Elrod has not completed his term as State Representative, which is what the people voted for him to do. He needs to finish what he promised to the people before taking on a new role.

Julia left a big vacuum of heart when she died. She genuinely loved the people in her district and was not too grandiose herself to connect on a personal level with any of them. I respect that most about her and do the same.

I believe our district wants a humanitarian, a patriot, and fiscal conservative.

And yes, the jokes would be hilarious and many! And that's ok, I've got thick skin and will laugh along with them. There's a lot of irony in it all.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, stAllio!

A couple of comments regarding this story.

If I'm not mistaken, Wilson, everybody has a right to participate in the American electoral system in any way they choose, not barred by law. The sweet part for voters is that they don't have to vote for a candidate, if they don't want to (see last Mayoral election).

Personally, I am appalled that you have the audacity to denigrate Bobby Hidalgo's attempt from a few years ago. From you, I would expect better. If you do not wish to vote for Melyssa, then (hooray for you!) you don't have to.

If Melyssa chooses to run, then I wish her good luck. To put herself through what likely she would expect to face, then she is far more dedicated a citizen than I. I wonder who else would be brave enough around the blogosphere to do the same? I don't live in the 7th Congressional District, but I would vote for her before I would vote for André Carson. I know how much she cares about her community. André is still a cipher to me, and I wouldn't care to gamble upon the uncertainty of his commitment. You don't like Melyssa's personal life? Too funny on several levels. At least she is up front about it. Lots of people in D.C. aren't so up front about their own proclivities. That doesn't mean they aren't there.

And finally. stAllio, I would think that you would welcome Melyssa running for Congress. Even Melyssa agrees that the wealth of humorous material is out there in abundance. What's not to like?

stAllio! said...

André is still a cipher to me, and I wouldn't care to gamble upon the uncertainty of his commitment.

and yet you voted for greg ballard? the ultimate mystery man? i know you love being contrarian, but seriously, no ballard supporter gets to use the "cipher" argument.

and who says i'm against melyssa running? she has even less of a chance than any other libertarian would (which is to say, less than zero), but the run would be extremely entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Caught out. OK. That was my way of trying to be tactful. Oops. Seriously, Mayor Ballard was a cipher in the details, but anybody who makes Marine Lt. Col. isn't a cipher (to me) in general. There is a general level of achievement necessary to attain that rank. André is a cipher in the details and in general (to me). I just haven't seen enough of him to have any kind of informed opinion about him (I shoot from the hip, too. Along with being a contrarian).

I have to agree with your assessment of Libertarian chances. I was hoping Tim McGuire would do well and he got shellacked.

My mistake in thinking that you were with Wilson in dismissing Melyssa's contemplated run out of hand. Whether a Libertarian runs or not (and whether it's Melyssa, or not) won't matter too much because the MSM will marginalize a third party candidacy. And, the voters don't seem ready for a Libertarian being taken seriously either.

Anonymous said...

If she ever ran for Congress, you can be rest assured some very candid photos of what really happened in that dungeon would be released. Miss Ann has wronged a lot of people along the way in her "career."

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