Tuesday, December 11, 2007

indyu: the missing post

i believe i've uncovered the missing indyu post and am reposting it below. of course, the entire indyundercover blog has been deleted, so in a sense all the posts are missing, but i'm talking about the post, the one that named a condfidential police informant, leading the police to seek out a search warrant against abdul hakim-shabazz (as originally reported by russ mcquaid).

in my previous post, i hinted that this was still in the google cache if you knew where to look, but that i wasn't going to link directly to it—in effect encouraging savvy readers to find it on their own. but on reflection, it occurred to me that the more responsible thing to do might be to repost it here, in a redacted form. so here it is. i've left in the name of the primary suspect, which was discussed in the media at the time, but have redacted the names of the informants as well as the name of the second suspect:

the original post contained an image, which wasn't archived by google so i don't have it.

this story is getting more interesting all the time, with ike randolph denying his role in indyu to ruth holladay, but telling her a totally different story than he told gary welsh. i can't imagine what relevations tomorrow might bring.


Wilson46201 said...

Ernie Shearer aka IndyErnie aka The IndyChicken was a co-owner of the PAC that printed up the BART LIES campaign materials. I have long suspected he was associated with IndyU. Now that IndyU is being outed, Ernie is going ballistic and incredibly defensive. Something's up!

Wilson46201 said...

For that matter, Gary Jennings aka GaryJ, the other co-owner of the PAC that produced the BARTLIES stuff is also going into protective/defensive mode about IndyU being outed.

The www.BartLies.com website was another ultra-covert and viciously anti-Bart propaganda outlet. They specialized in Photoshopping and did that notoriously racist 3-monkeys image. I wonder how coordinated all these operations were with the local GOP organization...

Anonymous said...

I have IP addresses from Abdul - he commented on a couple different blogs I'm involved with, from both his blackberry and at least one computer, so if they're trying to match up IPs, as was mentioned in the comments on Ruth's blog, I can provide info.

I've never read Abdul's blog, so I don't know enough to compare his writing to IndyUndercover. I hope he's not the directly involved, though, for a couple of reasons - both pertaining to journalism.

The first is that many, many of the posts contained outright libelous allegations, and I mean the main posts, not the comments. Outrageous statements with no evidence to back them up -- things that no ethical, trained journalist would put into print, ever. And extreme enough that I certainly hope no such person actually has a job with a media outlet. IndyUndercover was a bad reporter, hands down.

The second reason I hope it was really not Abdul is that the quality of writing was horrendous. The posts were painful to read, lacking in coherence and structure, with abysmal grammar and style. IndyUndercover was a bad writer, too.

For both those reasons, I hope that Abdul and IU are not one and the same, because if it's true - regardless of Ruth's plaudits about how great Abdul is - then the fact that he has a job in Indy media speaks really poorly of our media market.

Anonymous said...

What I find the most alarming about all this is that if it is true that Abdul and Ike Randolph are behind IndyU, then they are guilty of everything they loudly and repeatedly accused the Peterson administration of; deceit, cowardice, running a negative campaign and being self-serving. I feel that all the main perps are the ones in denial mode. Indeed, if the shoe was on the other foot and the Dems pulled a stunt like this the IndyU crowd would be screaming bloody murder, demanding "justice" and carrying on like the moonbats they are.

It's also a bit disconcerting that this is unraveling before Ballard is even sworn in and if these stories are true, he'll be hoist on his own petard before he even finds out if his key to the exec washroom actually fits. Man, we're in for a hell of a 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Wilson....ONLY a racist would see something racist in that monkey picture. Don't you have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to do with your time?

Whoever did IndyU was brilliant!

I do know cops who got to know me via that blog, would sometimes stop by the house to look in on me and let me know they watched out for me last summer.

That was nice.

For someone that's been investigated by undercover vice, I sure do think the cops in this town are awesome. I'm glad they will get the changes they need for their morale.

stAllio! said...

Wilson....ONLY a racist would see something racist in that monkey picture. Don't you have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to do with your time?

melyssa, only someone who's ignorant of the history of us race relations could make such a claim.

the image in question compared black men to monkeys. blacks have been compared to monkeys and apes for centuries in order to dehumanize them, something that still goes on today. (remember last year's macaca incident?)

regardless of whether it was intended to be racially offensive, it was.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa got angry when people condemned her business (profession??). Yet she has the gall to believe that a photo deicting Black men as apes and mopnkeys is NOT racist??!!!. It is the unenlightened ignorance of folks like Melyssa, the backbone of the "people" who elected our new Mayor, that has many Blacks and whites on edge. There's the IndyU debacle, a website, run by allegedly responsible people that stirred the worst racial hate and the folks behind it will have responsible positions in the new city government.
Eighty years ago, those in power in Indy were white supremacists who condemned Blacks, Jews and Catholics. They were the Klu Klux Klan. They ran this city then and believed that nothing was wrong in depicting Blacks as monkeys and apes. With people like Melyssa, we've come full circle back to a negative part of Indy history.

Wilson46201 said...

Poor Melyssa forgets that her Fearless Leader, Greg Ballard, agreed with stAllio! and me. Within 24 hours of the posting of that toxic image, he issued a strong statement denouncing it and rapidly distanced himself...

Anonymous said...

Phuck melyssa

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm not a racist. I simply saw the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkey for what it was.

I think of people as equals, kind of like on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. On Star Trek everyone is judged on their merit and character, not what they look like. It is enlightened.

Why do corrupt democrats cry racism every time their corruption is exposed?

Why not just deal with the facts of unethical behavior instead of playing the race card?

Regarding monkeys being used to dehumanize blacks, last I checked Darwin's evolution theory supposes that ALL humans descended from apes, not just blacks.

Theses racist cries are doing more to distance black democrats than to pull them in. I know because several black democrats regularly network with our activists and they are fed up with it!

If Wilson was really in tune with his party, he would know this too.

Plenty of blacks speaking up about this now including the Minority Report and Abdul. Our tax activists meetings are regularly attended by black democrats who want change. Are they racist too?

And if IndyU was run by Abdul and Ike as you all allege, then why would these two black men stir up racial hatred, since they themselves are black?

IndyU was not a racist blog, it just happened to find a lot to complain about with the likes of the ineffective Frank Anderson, drunk Ron Gibson, unethical Monroe Gray, etc.

If you recall, IndyU also picked on plenty of whites including Scott Robinette, Chief Michael Spears, Bart Peterson, and other ethically challenged persons within the Peterson democrat organization.

As I recall the ONLY persons who saw the image as toxic are partisan democrats who could not defend against the truth of their candidate's lack of ethic other than to cry racism.

It's getting old. Most people are not racist! Blacks across the country are following Cosby's lead by saying "ENOUGH".