Tuesday, May 01, 2007

im in ur wiki

i just got a tip that one of my lolcats currently appears as an illustration in the wikipedia entry on lolcats.

there are thousands of other lolcats and cat macros out there, and probably hundreds that are more popular and better known than my humble submissions, so it's an honor to be selected by whoever added my photo to the entry.

of course, it was probably selected in large part because all the photos on my flickr stream have creative commons licenses. as paul discovered, wikipedia authors strongly prefer to use CC-licensed images whenever possible, because they know they won't get any cease-and-desist letters for using them. so while there are thousands of lolcats to choose from overall, the pool of CC-licensed cats is considerably smaller.

still, it's nice to see my pic there... at least until it gets replaced or the whole entry gets deleted.


djempirical said...

i'm in ur wiki, helpin you 'splain.

Anonymous said...

I'll just say congratulations - I'm not sure how to say that in lolcat.