Thursday, April 19, 2007

sanjaya is love

sanjaya malakar, one of the most interesting, talked-about american idol contestants ever, got voted off tonight. i knew he couldn't last forever, but i'd hoped he would at least outlast the dreadfully boring phil and chris. alas, it wasn't meant to be. at least he made it onto the tour.

we'll miss you, sanjaya. idol promises to be a lot less compelling for the rest of the season. and what will the tv critics talk about now, if they can no longer talk about how much they hate sanjaya?

i haven't had time to blog this week, as most of my copious free time has gone toward preparing for the release of parts is parts—which will be available for free download in less than 24 hours, on or around 12:01am friday morning. i've also been working on handmade cover art for the limited cd release: i'll be personally decorating a run of 10 cds with handmade collage covers. bobby vomit also plans to do a run, and maybe some other band members will want to make their own, too. i'll have more details about these soon; they probably won't be ready by friday, but mine at least might be done by next week.

in political news: it's a bad week to be todd rokita.

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