Sunday, April 08, 2007

parts is parts: april 20

i'm pleased to announce that parts is parts, the new full-length release by animals within animals, will be officially released to the public as a free download at 12:01a.m. EDT (or shortly after) on friday, april 20, 2007, exclusively from

this "midnight" release means that those who live in the pacific time zone will be lucky enough to download it as early as 9:01p.m thursday night, while those who are cursed to live in europe or asia will have to wait as long as mid-morning or even friday afternoon before they get the chance. new zealand will be particularly screwed, as they won't get to download it until around 5p.m. friday evening. sucks to be them.

for the hardcore fans, the new album, AWIA's first full-length release since 2001's mono a mono, will also be released in an extremely limited run of CDRs with handmade cover art, as well as extra goodies.

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