Wednesday, March 14, 2007


so an anonymous commenter over at advance indiana said that "Laura McPhee wrote something in Nuvo today that credits both [Gary Welsh] and Bil Browning for the Eric Miller stuff". since i was one of the bloggers who criticized mcphee last week for her lack of citation, i wanted to read it, so i headed over to the nuvo site to find it (it's here).

but while over there, i couldn't help but notice this letter to the editor:

I read your write-up of the Ten Commandments-hating, fag-loving promoter, Anita Bowser (shit be upon her) (News, "Remembering Our Favorite Rabble-Rousers," March 7-14). She may have been nice, personable, whatever. She was a servant of Satan and I have no room for pity on her soul. No doubt, she is currently roasting in the Abyss of Eternal Damnation where she rightfully belongs!

She was a clueless demagogue spreading disinformation through her tenure as a professor, to inculcate (READ: brainwash) students into pro-fag, anti-American, anti-Christian philosophy.

I'd personally like to urinate on her grave, and while I'm at it, in your face!
James M. Baker

immediately followed by this comment by "anonymous 2" (spelling corrected):

James, Sometimes you just have to ask yourself "Whose face would Jesus urinate on?"

words to live by.

p.s. i suspect the phrase "shit be upon you" will work its way into my vocabulary.

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Doug said...

I believe one of the lesser known gospels that didn't make its way into the Bible recounted Jesus whizzing all over the crowd at Golgotha