Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mike jezierski cuts and runs

in what is becoming quite an old and familiar story, sir hailstone has deleted his blog again, as jen points out in the comments. longtime readers might recall that hailstone previously deleted his blog last november, perhaps to hide all the outlandish things he wrote before last year's election. but not much later he started blogging again, eventually putting out a "bounty" on jen wagner and all kinds of other nonsense.

frankly, i was amazed he kept the blog up as long as he did this time. after all, he's trying to set up a new online identity as mike jezierski, candidate for city council; the vulgar, combative "sir hailstone" persona is best forgotten if jezierski has any dreams of being elected.

unfortunately, he's finding it not so easy to run from his past. "hailstone" was a "proud freeper"; a regular at rabid rightwing website free republic. witness "michael jezierski"'s introductory freeper post:

OK FReepers, a friend of mine pointed out this site to me, I've wondered what the heck Sean Hannity was referring to when he would say "FReepers".

I'm Mike Jezierski and I'm a diehard Republican living in Indianapolis, and I've had ENOUGH of the games and shenanigans the Democrat majority of the City-County Council and the Mayor's Office have imposed on the fine citizens of Indianapolis.

This will be my first attempt at an elected office, and some ask "What business does a political newbie have in running for office in the 12th largest city in the United States?" My answer is simple.


that all-caps line is in "font size=7", which is something like 36-point. it's big.

anyway, note the first line: "hey d00ds, i never been on this freeper page before... hannity r00lz!!!!!~~~~ONEONE!!" (rough paraphrase). unfortunately, the first comment is this: "This poster is also know as sir hailstone, who posts on the Hannity thread. I thought you all would like to read this."

busted! eventually hailstone/jezierski turns up again and explains that he's "Not intending to "sock puppet" just wanting the name out there." but if he wasn't trying to distance himself from his old persona, what was the point of pretending he'd never been to the site before?

still, no matter how much he might deny that part of himself, hailstone is still inside him. the mike jezierski campaign blog lacks the name-calling, the childish images, and the rants about pelosi being a commie that dominated the old hailstone blog. but it still has its share of nutty posts, and his manifesto is borderline incomprehensible.

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