Thursday, December 08, 2005

stAllio!'s greatest hits

now that miss ann's website links to me as a "news blogger" covering her story, i figured it was about time to add a "greatest hits" section. this is a little section at the top of my blogroll (immediately beneath the turntable graphic at the top right of the page) that links to past blog entries of particularly high importance or interest. because, although right now it might seem like it's "all miss ann all the time" (i haven't had time to post about much else, and this is a developing story that nobody else is blogging about with any depth), sooner or later i will run out of things to say about that story and move on to other subjects. but those are relatively important posts for my meager blog, so new visitors should still be able to find those posts easily, even after they've drifted off the "front page".

in contrast, other new/future visitors might be more interested in friday cat bending, where i blend the blog tradition of friday cat blogging with databending and post new databent images of my cat on fridays (but not every friday, and i'll soon branch to friends' cats). so the "greatest hits" section has links to some of those posts too. and hey, cat bending fans, chipper up: friday cat bending will return tomorrow!

but those are pretty recent posts, from the past couple months or so. i've had this blog for two years now. surely there must have been some posts between november 2003 and october 2005 that deserve to be placed in the greatest hits section.

so here's my question to you: what should i put there? what was your favorite post or most memorable highlight? what sticks out in your memory? for the most part i can hardly remember what i blogged about more than a couple months ago, so help me out here, and help out the newbies by letting 'em know where to find the good stuff.

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