Tuesday, December 27, 2005

holiday greetings etc.

i hope everyone out there who celebrates christmas had a good one. mine was reasonably good. my big present this year was a new suit. that might be a surprise to some of you who know that my wardrobe revolves primarily around my huge t-shirt collection, but it was mom's idea, because you never know when you might need or want to dress up and do something fancy. i think it looks pretty good, actually, and am looking forward to a good chance to wear it. i also got some other good stuff, like a $20 gift certificate to indy cd & vinyl from virago.

i gave virago a 20" replica of the "major award" lamp from a christmas story (which i found courtesy of indyscribe and i knew she'd love) as well as a copy of the movie and an interesting calendar featuring "fabulous '50s advertising". i also ordered a copy of the new jason forrest on LP from forced exposure but it hasn't arrived yet and probably hasn't even shipped.

and of course i'm enjoying all my time off work. yesterday we went to the new landmark theatre at the fashion mall to see capote. i really enjoyed the movie and the theatre is nice, though it sucks to have to walk through the fashion mall (popularly called "the fascist mall" in some circles) to get there. tomorrow we plan to visit some of virago's family in illinois. but other than that, we just plan to relax some more.

if you don't celebrate christmas, the good news is that soon, you won't have to hear about it again until next november!

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