Saturday, March 12, 2005

pink on black

i spent most of the day working on a new design for the montana and mcdeviltoast blog (maintained by my friend dj empirical and some of his friends) and half-watching tv.

when i redesigned the bobby vomit blawg, dje wondered in the comments whether i could make the columns on his blog look like mine. well i couldn't, not easily. the fixed width on his current design is truly fixed. it was also ridiculously unnecessarily complex, laid out using dozens of <div>s (at least twice as many as i would use) and several background images that were hosted offsite. before you know it i was offering to a whole new design for him.

his only request was that he wanted it black on pink. so i built a new design, structurally based on the two-column design used here, incorporating a couple of the colors and some of the formatting of the current monmcd design. it's not quite as fancy as the current/previous design (which is just a preset blogger template), but it's simpler, more flexible and fluid, and i think it looks pretty decent.

you can check out a draft of my design here.

please let me know if you see any bugs.

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