Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the great graphic switch

is this confusing?

over to the right, you've surely seen the great big turntable, which i originally designed for the bobby vomit blawg. bobby has a new, different graphic on his blawg.

i never would've thought to reclaim the turntable. i designed it for bobby vomit, and i expected it to stay there, though i admit i was jealous that it was on his page and the graphic on mine wasn't as cool. i complained about that a little here, but i simply planned to design a new, better image for myself when inspiration struck.

but he emailed me a picture the other day, a collage he had made of a three-tonearmed turntable. he thought, because of the multiple tonearms, that this new image was more appropriate for bobby vomit than the big numark ttx1 animation i'd already made. he suggested i animate the new image and take back the other turntable for my blog.

so check out the new graphic bobby vomit blawg... the animations are actually out of phase, so they only sync up every 60 seconds.

and the old bobby vomit graphic is now on my blog. it really does reflect my style more than his, and the new vomit graphic is indeed more his style. but it might be a bit disorienting at first for those of you who have been reading both blogs. you'll get used to it.

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