Thursday, December 18, 2003

so i'm back from san francisco. great town with a hell of a culture, but it's also a cesspool of allergens. after two full days there my nasal plumbing was totally clogged. i mentioned that to barry when he picked me up at the airport & he recounted how bad my sister's asthma had been when she lived there. on the flight back i was reading michael moore's new book & he has a theory that a lot of what gets diagnosed as allergies or asthma is really caused by pollution. whatever it was, something in the frisco air does not mix well with my genes. a shame, because i loved the city overall, & am definitely interested in going back sometime...

i set a new personal record for the amount i've spent on records/cds in a single vacation. but how could i not when connie dragged me to two different locations of a great record store like amoeba, after i'd already bought so much at aquarius? i really don't want to say how much i spent all together, but my suitcase was so heavy i almost had to pay an extra $25 surcharge. (okay, there were clothes, gifts, & other things weighing it down, but let's not kid ourselves...)

so on tuesday night i went on no other radio on KPFA. i had been in touch with das for awhile & sent him some cds weeks back, but due to scheduling weirdness das ended up swapping nights with his cohost russ kent (better known to cali radio fans as mr hate). russ had never heard any of my stuff & didn't even have time to pick up the stuff i'd sent to das, but he was a real trooper & had me on anyway. luckily i was able to bring enough material to fill up the show (1 1/2 hours). the interview segments went pretty well too, though i'm curious how awful i sounded with my dripping sinuses. if anyone happened to record it, i'd love to get my hands on a copy.

i could go on with other tales from my visit, but it's almost 2am. i took a few pictures (almost all show-type pics, most of the ones from the show at the rx gallery being awful), so maybe i'll post those soon & possibly write some more then.

it's nice to be back in my own room, especially knowing that my congestion will probably clear up soon, but i can't really say i'm happy to be back...

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