Thursday, December 18, 2003

i was ego surfing just now & noticed that if you do a google search for "pirates of the internet", our pirates of the internet project is returned as the #7 result. and if you search for pirates of the internet without the quotes, we're the #5 result (a bit counterintuitive, but true). not too long ago you had to dig pages in to get to that link, so clearly the word is spreading...

this made me think of the miserable failure googlewash & other experiments in mass link manipulation. google tracks links along with the phrase used to link to them. so i figure the more times i mention pirates of the internet (being sure that there's a link pointing to each time), the higher up pirates of the internet will move in the google listing. if you have a blog or website, you can do it too! it would be nice to be the #1 search result. (then again, how many people are seriously going to do a search for "pirates of the internet"? maybe i should be linking to a phrase like pirate mp3s or internet pirates or just pirates or piracy)

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