Thursday, April 07, 2016

stAllio! music "news" - sword to your mother, fixed that for you, ++

it's about that time when, once a year, i log in and post something on this blog instead of tumblr, facebook, or any of the other fragmented shards on my online presence. 

first up, a music update: last year i finally completed the sequel to wack cylinders, titled sword to your mother. it's kind of glitchy and kind of ambient. it's a meditation on death and digital decay. it's part 2 of a trilogy i haven't named yet. it was released for free download last october and promptly ignored by music lovers everywhere.

but that's not all  -- i have other releases in the pipeline, ready to be unleashed soon upon this earth. probably the next up will be a post-mashup EP titled fixed that for you. this EP will be the culmination of everything i've been doing with mashup-type music for the past several years. mash smarter not harder was always meant to be a basic introduction to some new ideas, a sort of "lesson one", and a huge smash was then lesson two. it's all been building up to fixed that for you. this is the one you've been waiting for. i expect it to come out in the next few weeks.

and i have a split cassette coming some day on german label betonblume... that was actually done before the others but will probably come out last. so it goes.

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