Friday, March 11, 2011

break you off an MSPAINT remix

the buzz surrounding sonification has died down a bit—it's hard out there for a meme. but in order to stay in front of this thing, i decided to remix that ms paint audio.

after all, making songs out of sonified data has been one of my signature styles for more than a decade, so i might as well show people how it's done. it's rare for me to make an entire song out of one data file (i may have done this for "supercharge breakfast", but otherwise never have), since i usually prefer to collect a large palette of samples. but i think this turned out pretty well:

Windows 7 x64 MS Paint EXE (stAllio! remix) by stallio

yes, it's on my new soundcloud account. in case you missed the update, you can now stream my true data 12" on soundcloud as well.

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