Sunday, July 18, 2010

fight violence with violence, or indianapolis blame expo

shorter abdul hakim-shabazz: you know who i blame for last night's expo shootings? al sharpton! stuff like this proves that black kids deserve to get the crap beaten out of them sometimes. in fact, i'd like to beat some up myself.


M Theory said...

So who IS to blame in your view?

stAllio! said...

well, this particular incident probably wouldn't have happened if not for IBE organizational problems that encourage parents to leave their kids unattended in public late at night.

juvenile delinquence in general has a number of contributing causes, including
* abject poverty
* lack of support at home because both parents have to work, one or both is in prison, one or both is mentally ill and/or has drug problems, etc
* lack of societal support for at-risk children
* lack of positive role models and positive activities
* poor funding for inner-city schools
* etc

and urban gun violence in general is fueled by a number of factors, including
* gangs
* drug prohibition, which creates a powerful underground market for drugs, as well as excessive sentencing guidelines that have put so many black men in prison
* lack of support for ex-offenders, making it easy for those released from prison to fall back into criminal habits
* lax or easy-to-circumvent gun laws that make it easy for criminals to get their hands on guns
* etc

so yeah, it's a complicated issue.