Monday, May 17, 2010

a quick question

how crazy do you have to be to freak out over the fact that this year's miss USA is muslim?

keep in mind that this woman is not only willing to appear on tv in a bikini or a bustier and fishnets, but is also pro-birth control... so she's not exactly an advocate for sharia law.

update: truly, it requires a mind skilled at doublethink to simultaneously believe this woman is both an islamist threat to our freedom and a pole-dancing stripper slut.


MmMmM said...

It would've been cool if she won wearing jihab.
I'm so sick of women (and men) thinking that dressing like a slut is breaking free, that it's a kind of feminism. It might not be opression, but it's definately discrimination.

virago said...

Do you mean jilbab (an all-body modesty garment) or hijab (the traditional head covering)?

Unknown said...

really we are not shocked are we, considering the blog?