Thursday, April 08, 2010

cause and effect

cause: indiana property taxes are capped, taking away a crucial source of revenue for local governments.

effect: painful local service cuts. the most recent example is the marion county public library:

The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library could close as many as six branches this year.

Closing those branches and laying off workers would turn a budget deficit into a slight surplus, according to a report presented on Thursday to a committee of the library board.


The cuts would also cost 55 library workers their jobs, and remaining employees would see their work weeks cut to 37.5 hours.

Reduced property tax revenues, caused by changes in state tax law, will lead to $3.2 million in cuts. About 80 percent of the library's budget comes from property taxes.

glancing at a map of the proposed closures shows that they're nearly all in the inner city, in lower-income areas with a lot of minority residents:

View Marion County Library Closings in a larger map

the people in these areas are the ones who need libraries the most. many people depend on public libraries for internet access. closing these branches will make it even harder for these people to find jobs.

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Melyssa said...

Would you like to pay another $100 a month on your mortgage toward property tax escrow?

Maybe you could donate some extra money out of your pocket to the library. I read your mortgage is lower than than your old rent. Sounds like you can afford to give extra to the library every month now that your living expenses went down.

I'm still paying more than $300 a month more for my mortgage since the 2007 property tax hikes. I don't have any extra.

The library would have money had they not built that boondoggle downtown. Don't blame homeowners, many of whom, who are stretched to the max.

Congrats on your new home.