Thursday, December 03, 2009

newsworthiness is in the eye of the beholder

when the tim durham story first broke, i did some googling for background information on durham. one of the first links i found was this 2007 post on advance indiana:

Is Tim Durham's Sex Life Newsworthy?

in hindsight, perhaps this was a bit naive—durham's extravagant lifestyle can be seen as a red flag (one of many) that something wasn't quite right about his finances. but what a noble sentiment! who someone sleeps with and what they do in the bedroom is a totally private... wait, what's this?

Edwards Must Address Love Child Issue Former Aide Says

...and what's that over there?

Tiger Woods A Victim Of Domestic Abuse?

and don't even get me started on the larry sinclair garbage.

when a prominent republican fundraiser was in the news for sex-related hijinks, gary's response was to act all offended and stick up for the man. but when a democrat or other media figure's sex life is in the news, gary has no qualms about repeating every lascivious detail (even if those details are obviously false, as with the sinclair story).

what does tiger woods have to do with indiana politics, civil rights, or the law?


stAllio! said...

and what's up with that photoshop of a battered and bruised tiger woods that he posted this morning?

did gary get a good chuckle out of the leaked photos of rihanna after she was beaten up by chris brown? or is domestic abuse only funny when it (allegedly) happens to a black man?

Luke said...

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