Wednesday, September 30, 2009

press WIN

i've mentioned before that i've been moving away from abstract art & illustration toward more representational works. my first representational collages were a series of landscapes. but the problem with those is that they're all 30"x20"—too large to scan.

so lately i've been working on collages that are a bit smaller. recently i made this boombox collage to slap on the cover of a demo cd i was putting together, and when people seemed to like it, i submitted it to threadless. the result was my highest-scoring threadless submission to date. so now i'm kicking it up another notch with this bad boy:

Press WIN

this is best viewed large so you can see the detail work on the keyboard.

this is up for voting now on threadless, so if you have a threadless login, please take a minute to vote (and if you don't have a login, please consider signing up for one and voting):

Press WIN - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

this is probably the best work i've submitted to threadless and i expect it to earn my highest score ever. as for whether that translates to the design getting printed, only time will tell.

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just john said...

Your basic ransom note press.

Reminds me of a notion I had, decades ago, to make a keyboard hardart.

The original hardart was invented by PDQ Bach, and its charm was that no two notes were produced in the same way. So you had whistles next to bells next to bicycle horns, etc. This was all a physical, "acoustic" device, and I wanted to make a piano-keyboarded version.

Nowadays, of course, one could just progam it within a laptop with readily available apps.