Monday, August 10, 2009

the freedom to ask for money

council-member kent smith to the indy star, re: the latest anti-panhandling bill:

"In no way are we looking to stop people from freedom of speech," Smith said. "We need to restrict that ability of people walking up to ask for money in an intersection."

apparently kent smith doesn't think asking for money is a form of speech.

if you're wondering, the bill was tabled and sent back so the public safety committee could work on that whole blatant unconstitutionality thing. here's hoping it won't come back, but i imagine it will.

also at tonight's meeting, the republican majority—who were swept into power in an anti-tax frenzy in 2007—swallowed their pride and obediently voted for a tax increase to fund the CIB. the democrats on the council were more than happy to sit back on this one and let the republicans, many of whom had signed no-tax-increase pledges, hang themselves on their own hypocrisy. one republican, christine scales, voted against. one democrat, jackie nytes, crossed over to ensure that the bill passed. &ara;

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James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Thanks for the link. I had to use search to find the story at the Racist Beacon. Guess it didn't quite measure up to the big Brooks & Dunn breakup.

Meanwhile, thanks to the largess of the Indianapolis Aristos, I mean Colts, two whole Marion County public schools will be among the eight that get to play in the stadium we built 'em; Ohio (1) will field more teams than IPS (that'd be zero).