Tuesday, February 24, 2009

too little too late

i noticed that IHOP is trying to duplicate denny's' success by offering people a free short stack of pancakes today. it might even work—to a degree, but it surely won't be as successful as the denny's promotion for a few reasons:
  1. they're offering less. denny's gave away free grand slams, which include eggs, sausage, and bacon. IHOP is merely giving away the pancakes.
  2. they're getting less ad exposure. denny's advertised their offer during the super bowl to be sure everyone knew about it.
  3. this won't be true for every market, but... i don't know where there is an open IHOP anymore! the one in castleton has been shuttered for months, and the one in downtown indy was recently demolished in order to build a CVS even though there's a walgreen's right across the street! (looks like there's one in avon, one near lawrence, and one near greenwood if you're really itching for a short stack.)

my wife loves free food—just yesterday we got free coffees at einstien brothers, and tomorrow we're going to denny's because we have coupons—but i'm not driving to avon just for a free short stack.


Doug said...

I'm not sure how great the Denny's one was anyway. Most of the coverage I read was neutral-to-bad: long lines, surly customers.

stAllio! said...

we tried to go and the line was out the door! we didn't want to stand around in the snow, so we didn't get our grand slams. still, it was clearly better than the IHOP "us too!" promotion.

Kelly said...

I'm not sure it's as bandwagon-ish as you're suggesting. IHOP's been doing this as a promotion on Pancake Tuesday (http://is.gd/kHk0)for the Children's Miracle Network since 2006.