Friday, October 10, 2008

fort wayne pre-party before doormouse's last show

if you're traveling to indy for the doormouse show, why not hit the fort wayne pre-party the previous night? it's free!

Selector Catalogue (Reject Records)
Ann Arbor, MI (LIVE Breakcore)

Split Horizon (Void Tactical Media)
Detroit, MI (LIVE Broken Beats/Dark Electro)

Traits (Snake Pillage)
Ann Arbor, MI (LIVE Raggacore/Breakcore)

Sedition (FWPC)
Fort Wayne, IN (Breakcore/Dub Terror/80's Pop)

Fort Wayne, IN (Drum & Bass)

1808 W. Main St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

as a reminder: doormouse's last show for the foreseeable future (a.k.a. my wedding show) is next friday, october 17, at therapy nightclub & lounge, 605. e. market st in downtown indianapolis.

$10 advance tickets will remain on sale until thursday, october 16. but if you want a paper ticket, you must order by 11:59pm EDT today to give us time to mail them to you. if you order after this time, you'll get an e-ticket that will get you into the event, but no paper ticket to show off to your grandkids.

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