Monday, March 06, 2006

my collages (part 1)

i went by out word bound to hang my collages, but unfortunately the glue on a couple of them wasn't dry enough to hang yet. (as i'm working with unframed cardboard and foamboard, in order to hang the pieces, i've been gluing picture wire to the back. it generally works, as long as the glue has time to dry first. if people have other suggestions, i'm happy to listen.) i'm also crossing my fingers that my other new collage was in fact dry and that it didn't come crashing down five minutes after i left.

so two collages had to come back home for regluing. they should be hangable by wednesday. the other three are up now, so stop by the store and take a look if you're in the neighborhood. the gallery area is to your left as you enter the store, behind the greeting cards (some of which are pretty naughty).

some of you who don't live in the area have expressed interest in seeing what these collages look like. here are photos of the collages that are now hanging at out word bound.

these photos were taken in my bedroom, not at the bookstore. click the thumbnail for larger, uncropped versions. they're not particularly good photos, and at 1024x768 uncropped, you can't really make out the fine details, but these should at least give you an idea what the collages look like.

Evil Fever: 30" x 20" foamboard

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This Isn't For You: 34 1/8" x 22 1/8" cardboard

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Working Together, Indianapolis: 34 1/8" x 22 1/8" cardboard

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i'll post photos of the other two once they are actually up on the wall at out word bound.


arratik said...

very nice - on a par with some of winston smith's stuff

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

on par with winston smith is very good , congrats on the stats