Friday, February 10, 2006

happy birthday virago!

i'm taking a vacation day so virago & i can hang out for her birthday. she wants to go out for a nice sushi dinner; we'll probably go to asaka. the restaurant is much better than the website, though i haven't been there in a couple years. maybe we'll go do some other fun stuff with our day off, go to a museum or something. it's her birthday, so whatever she decides to do. we won't get to do much on valentine's day (she has a night class), but we can have a nice long birthday weekend.

on an unrelated note, fox is airing the final four episodes of arrested development tonight. the timeslot is a virtual dead zone, practically guaranteed not to get good ratings, so it's pretty clear fox has given up on the show. still, it should be some quality television. i'm not sure if we'll watch it live or catch it on tivo, since virago might not feel like celebrating her birthday in front of the tv. here's hoping the show gets picked up by another network.

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arratik said...

cool, thanks for the heads up on the arrested development episodes. i'll be sad to see it go too. it's kinda screwed that they're dumping the remainder of the episodes opposite the turin opening ceremonies, but hey, that's fox for ya.

(send virago some b'day cheer for us!)