Monday, August 16, 2004


well my show at mms was eminently disappointing and anticlimactic. turnout was as low as at the non-conference shows i typically play... & i seemingly even drove off half the crowd when i started playing! just like old times... i'm used to that so it doesn't phase me much anymore, but i felt bad for the out-of-town bands like infinite number of sounds, who did a great set & deserved a much better turnout than they got. hell, the INS boys were the only other band (out of 4) that actually stuck around until the end of my set, and i only played until midnight on a saturday! respek.

at least a half dozen people told me they'd be there (or would "try to make it out") but didn't show. which is pretty much how every show i play locally goes, so at least people are consistent. but dan crall from the sound experiment was there, so i had one supporter who wasn't performing.

but overall the mms was good. i got lots of free crap, some decent press (not that anyone noticed, apparently), drank a bunch of free jack daniels, & got to see lots of live music for free... even if the vast majority of that was rock music i typically wouldn't be interested in. and i got to meet a few people in person, people i'd only communicated with online... look out for me to appear on both the listenable local radio shows in the future: the sound experiment as well as the free zone.

looks like i have a couple more show opportunities coming up soon, too; odd considering that neither opportunity really came out of the mss, but i heard about both this weekend... anyway, looks like i'll be djing at a fairly big show on 9.11, & there's another possibility i probably shouldn't comment on until i know more.

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